Debra is a 5th generation qigong healer, recognized for her intuitive clarity since the age of 2. Her academic years involved studies in a Human Biology pre-medical curriculum, Theology and Psychosociology, followed by training and work in Legal Advocacy and Life/Leadership Coaching.  Integral with 47+ years of qigong practice and self-exploration, she is regarded as astutely accomplished in her learning and clinical application of immunology, kinesiology, neurobehaviorophysiology, nutritional therapy and holistic wellness, and even more importantly, radiantly exemplifies this precious marriage of life wisdom and applied skills in her own health and being.

She laughs a lot and generously shares her joy.  She is a most tender, effective healer, teacher and guide, with a widely open heart, keenly perceptive mind and fearless spirit.  She holds strong conviction that optimal health is obtained through a carefully maturing blend of the best that our Western and Eastern health care disciplines have to offer, and that growing harmony through connecting the physical, energetic and spiritual bodies of our being and relationships with others in proper balance is key to lasting health and vigor, happiness and peace.

When you partner with Debra in qigong health practice and spiritual discovery, life transforms into one of boundless creativity and fulfillment beyond your wildest imagination.
The Center of Qigong
Life Meets Mastery as Energy Cultivates Balance for Health and Happiness
"Deb, thank you for all your love and support over the years! You have become family. I am truly blessed by your friendship and wisdom. Thanks for not giving up on me!"

Love, Emily P., Creede, CO
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