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We as that you schedule with us at least 2 weeks in advance by calling 720.427.0406 or completing and submitting the information requested above. We will reply as soon as possible to confirm your appointment.  We receive payment from you at the time of service and accept the following forms of payment:  check, money, order, cash, most major credit, debtit and HSA cards.

Cancellation Policy / Punctuality

We require at least 3 business days' (Monday-Friday) advance notice from you when canceling or rescheduling your appointment to avoid a cancellation charge of 100% of your appointment's fee. Punctuality is also important; fees are not prorated or discounted for late arrival.
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We want you receive optimal benefit in your visits with us.  Therefore, we suggest that you take the following steps in advance of your visits:

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"Debra is extremely knowledgeable and patient. It is fun to be in her classes and you always learn something new! There have been countless times when I have dragged myself into class after a long bike ride or tough soccer game and felt totally renewed afterwards. I have also witnessed classmates experience relief from shoulder injuries, arthritis, stiff muscles and joints, pregnancy woes and other ailments. Now that's what I call RESULTS!!!"
Jennica R., Denver, CO

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Qigong classes , workshops and seminars are taught on an ongoing basis.  Send us your name and email address, and we will notify you of current and upcoming Chi Wellness education programs.
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