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Clinical Qigong Treatment, also known as "medical qigong", is essential to accelerating the healing of physical, emotional and behavioral health conditions.  Oftentime, when such health issues are complex and become chronic or acute, resolution and long-term improvement in health occurs when Clinical Qigong Treatment is integrated into the medical treatment plan.  Qigong treatment consultations are scheduled by appointment.  For further details, click here.
What is
Medical Qigong?
The Center of Qigong
Life Meets Mastery as Energy Cultivates Balance for Health and Happiness
"The universe is very responsive to one’s energy. Therefore, one must always maintain virtue. Develop an awareness of the subtle universal law and follow the true knowledge.  Cultivate virtue, for it is more powerful than any natural phenomenon and is the greatest insurance against natural calamity."

I-Ching 25:  Wu Wan-Innocence,
Unexpected Happening
(Translation and Elucidation by Hua Ching-Ni)

"The Qigong Lifestyle Coach"
Medical Qigong Therapist
Qigong Teacher

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Qigong is a most powerful natural means of healing physical and psycho-emotional conditions and of transforming life into perfect harmony and balance by nurturing and reunifying the body, mind, spirit and soul through the development and refinement of your chi(life force energy). Qigong is well rooted in the ancient Taoist health wisdom of living in alignment with nature's rhythms and laws, and qigong's principles form the basis of acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine. From its beginning, Classical Chinese Medicine has known that enjoying a harmonious life is not just about having good physical health, but rather ultimately is about being content within ourselves and living with purpose and meaning. Our body is an amazing, intricately networked miracle of life and we can enjoy the best of health, longevity and happiness when we live simply through heartcenteredness. This is The Qigong Lifestyle.

The Qigong Lifestyle consists of the dedicated alchemy of the chi within and surrounding us--balancing and harmonizing physical energy, essence and consciousness--in every moment that involves gentle still and moving healing exercises that guide our chi in a meditative state, nourishing ourselves with food that heals, inner contemplation and courageously aligning the way we live with nature's shifting currents, and compassionately growing our connection and relationships with all life in the universe. Through our qigong self-practice we refine our awareness of thoughts, intentions  and  actions  to  effect  a  balanced, healthy life and utilize the support of medical qigong treatment to reverse aging and gain pure health and vigor.

Chi Wellness offers you a complete curriculum of learning progams to integrate and master these profound, timeless wisdoms into daily living for you to thrive in health, prosperity and joy!
"My qigong self-practice and studies are such an important part of my lifestyle. Daily engagement in self-practice keeps me centered and grounded  as I confront obstacles that challenge my life's journey. It removes anxiety from stressful situations and helps me think clearly about choices I make. I live each day with the awareness that I have the support and nurturance I need to attain my highest purpose."
Christine Z., Boulder, CO