Qigong Instructor Certification Training
Chi Wellness, LLC offers a qigong instruction certification training program for students wish to advance in their personal practice of qigong into a proper level of proficiency to teach qigong to other communities beyond close family and friends.  We must emphasize that training in qigong, whether it is for personal or professional purpose, must be undertaken gradually and under the close guidance of a highly advanced clinical qigong healer and teacher (otherwise serious chi deviations that adversely affect physical and emotional health could result).  A properly qualified qigong teacher has powerfully positive impact in their students’ healing, personal growth, relationships and capacity to contribute toward the betterment of society.  In order to full this place of influence responsibly, it is essential that the student who trains in this curriculum gives his/her own self-healing and personal growth attention equal to that of his/her focus in the professional training.  Graduation from our Professional Qigong Instruction Certification training curriculum requires the student’s satisfactory completion of the following courses of study and practice here in Chi Wellness, within 2 to 3 years.  This curriculum is a journey of proficiency development that is equivalent to studies and expectations contained within graduate degree studies. Tuition is due on the first class within the course and we receive payments in the forms of checks, cash and most major credit and debit cards. Certain of these courses may be studied simultaneously.

Please refer to our schedule of Qigong Lifestyle for Self Healing courses for the descriptions, dates and times of the following required courses:

The Center of Qigong
Life Meets Mastery as Energy Cultivates Balance for Health and Happiness

"The Qigong Lifestyle Coach"
Medical Qigong Therapist
Qigong Teacher

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Payment in full of tuition for each training module is due on the first meeting date within the course, unless previously and otherwise arranged with Ms. Allen.  All tuition, fees and payments due or paid are NON-REFUNDABLEWe accept payment in the forms of checks, money orders, cash and most major credit cards.

Elective formal qigong certification courses beyond this curriculum include, but are not limited to, our 6-day 5 Virtues Qigong Teacher Certification Training Retreat (tuition+materials: $800), which especially deepens the coaching experience, and other qigong practice workshops and clinics.  The successful completion of prerequisite studies is required prior to taking these elective courses.  Please inquire directly with Debra Lin Allen for details.
"I first contacted Debra over a year ago while searching for holistic health care practitioners. I suffered from chronic depression for several years and finally decided I needed to get to the root of the problem. Debra was the first professional to see beyond my condition She seemed to know me from the moment we met and has taught me invaluable tools for dealing with depression, managing stress, and approaching life in a more positive and compassionate light. All of Debra's offerings (qigong movement, qigong lifestyle workshops, and clinical qigong treatment) have aided me in living a lifestyle that is empowering and life-sustaining. Qigong is a powerful healing practice that is ideal for treating and preventing physical and emotional ailments, as well as everyday stress and strain. Debra is an amazingly warm and masterful teacher. I highly recommend her."
Sarah H., Denver CO
Beyond the courses identified above, the following courses must be successfully completed to fulfill the requirements for certification as a Professional Qigong Instructor:

Spring and Summer 2019: Zen Golf (3 Workshops, Tuition: $200)
Workshops in Recreational Chi Athletics (golf, bowling, fencing or ballroom dance) review and address questions regarding philosophies, practices and exercises learned in Begin Your Qigong Lifestyle and Deepening Qigong Wisdom and provide immediate interactive feedback in the ability to relax, ground and center and explore unconscious and subconscious conditioning that have suppressed the student's true nature.

Twelve monthly 2-hour workshops in a one-on-one or small group learning and practice format that commences once the above courses are successfully completed and the student has engaged in at least 20 Qigong Movement classes. The student must pass written, practical and interview exams at the end of this training period in order to receive certification to teach as a Qigong Instructor.

(optional) LUOHAN INSTRUCTION TRAINING Tuition: $900
Weekly 2-hour workshops to develop proficiency in practicing and teaching The Hands of the 18 Luohan, a set of yang-style moving qigong postures within the qigong system of Luohan Gong created and originally taught by Bodidharma in 527 AD. This form is powerful in dredging all of the meridian pathways of stagnation and restoring high levels of function, flexibility and strength throughout the musculoskeletal system while returning whole health to optimal balance and harmony. Ultimately, this moving qigong form is keenly instrumental in bringing the student into Oneness with Life. A one-on-one or small group learning and practice format in this instruction commences once prerequisite courses are completed and the student has engaged in at least 20 Qigong Movement classes. The student must pass written, practical and interview exams at the end of this training period in order to receive certification to teach as a Qigong Instructor. The exams are provided when the student demonstrates appropriate proficiency.